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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Help! What do I pack for Europe trip?

Well here I am planning outfits for my London-Paris-Rome holiday.. . This is quite a task as having left NY 3 years ago I no longer have any cool winter clothes. Well except for the exquisite coat I bought last chistmas during a thanksgiving sale. I've never worn it but that's only becuase I live in Barbados where it's 90 degrees year round. Anyway, I suspect that it might be too warm for Europe in mid September so I have to go to plan b.
I've got a denim jacket,suede skirts, pants, lots of scarves, cool shades, Christian Dior Rasta handbag (my favourite!) and of course my ever faithful Se7en jeans. Now I'm really pissed I did not buy that beautiful BCBG poncho that I craved when I was in Miami in June. It would have been perfect for this trip but a little nagging voice in my head told me it was not practical to buy anything again that is not suitable for Barbados' climate...See why you should always buy impulsively? Because as I learn time and time again - you can't wear an outfit that you 'should have bought but didn't' so from now on just buy it!

My husband insists that I pack light but obviously that is impossible and he should really know better than to suggest that. The key is not to get weighed down with cosmetics and too many pairs of shoes, those are always the killer as they take up so much space. I'm going to strip my make up case to the very barest essentials as it gets a tad embarassing when customs officers search your bag and repeatedly inquire whether I'm a make up artist or work at Mac Cosmetics.

I have 3 days only in each city so I'm on a very tight 'must see' schedule so I've ordered 'Eat, Sleep and Shop in Rome' and the 'Shopoholics guide to Paris' from to keep me on track...Not quite the guide book my hubby was expecting - but hey who needs to see the Eiffle Tower in person when I can buy it on a cute postcard?

Today's retail therapy:
Replica of the Britney Engagement ring from
Rosy Toes from
Clinique Pretty Eyes Mascara from Cave Shpherd, Bridgetown


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